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What is a Charts window

The Charts window displays the chart of the selected instrument. You can draw graphical objects and add indicators to the chart. You can choose the type of chart: candles, bars, line, area, or clusters. The chart can be built not only with a time interval, but also based on ticks, volume, delta, or with a selected range (range chart).

To open a new chart, select OpenChart in the main menu.

The Charts window includes:

  • Main toolbar

  • Drawing toolbar

  • Chart settings toolbar

  • Trading-from-chart toolbar

  • Chart area

  • DOM area

  • Scroll bar

Main toolbar

Using the main toolbar, you can:

  • Open the settings and options menu

  • Select a symbol

  • Select a chart period

  • Switch the chart view

  • Select a cluster preset

  • Select a cursor type

  • Open the graphical objects menu

  • Select an indicator

  • Select order volume

  • Zoom in, zoom out, or reset the chart scale

  • Change the price scale (increase the price step by a given number)

  • Set the beginning of the schedule to the date selected in the calendar.

  • Refresh chart data

  • Activate mouse trading on the chart.

Timeframe toolbar

On the timeframe toolbar, you can select the time interval that will correspond to a single bar or candle on the chart. You can move the toolbar around by going to Period menu and selection of the desired position in the dropdown menu Time frame bar.

Available intervals:

  • T1: 1 tick
  • 5S: 5 seconds
  • 15S: 15 seconds
  • 30S: 30 seconds
  • 1M: 1 minute
  • 5M: 5 minutes
  • 15M: 15 minutes
  • 30M: 30 minutes
  • 1H: 1 hour
  • 4H: 4 hours
  • 1D: 1 day
  • 1W: 1 week
  • 1MN: 1 month
  • 1Y: 1 year

Drawing toolbar

The drawing toolbar contains the main graphic objects, the magnet mode, and a function to block all objects. You can also hide all objects by clicking the icon below.

Chart settings toolbar

The chart settings toolbar contains most of the chart settings and is divided into three tabs: basic settings, cluster settings, and trading settings.

You can save and load chart templates through the chart settings toolbar. The chart template includes all settings, including indicators and graphical objects.

You can enable the chart settings toolbar in the following ways:

  • In the main chart toolbar, select OptionsChart settings

  • Right-click on the chart area and select Chart settings.

To collapse or expand the chart settings toolbar, click on the words Chart settings in the left part of the toolbar. To close this toolbar, click on the Close button in the lower part.

Trading-from-chart toolbar

The trading from chart toolbar allows you to complete trading operations through the Charts window.

Enable/disable the trading-from-chart toolbar in the main chart toolbar can be accomplished by the following methods:

  • Select Options → Chart Trader.

  • Right-click on the chart area and in the menu that opens select Chart Trader.

To collapse or expand the chart settings toolbar, click on the words Chart Trader in the right part of the toolbar. When the toolbar is collapsed, all trading functions are saved. If the toolbar is closed, all trading functions are disabled.

Chart area

The chart area displays the instrument chart itself with the selected indicators, along with the histogram for the selected period.

By right-clicking on the chart area, you can proceed to the next menu:

DOM area

A dynamic DOM is displayed in the DOM area.

Scroll bar

The chart scroll bar is located below the chart area. It allows you to scroll through the chart using a mouse.

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