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Tiger.Trade 6.4

List of changes: 

  1. Added a new connection to the OKX exchange with live and historical data for all symbols, accounts, and positions. Set up trading for market and limit orders as well as synchronizing them.  

      Added integration limits, meaning the following will be available for the time being: 

  • Trading all symbol types. 

  • Trading (limit and market orders) in swap/futures mode only with an isolated margin. 

  • Displaying up-to-date exchange volumes. 

  • Synchronizing orders, positions, and account information. 

  • Getting real-time information about symbols in the Quote and Trade feed tables. 

  1. Made improvements to the Bybit exchange: 

  • Integrated Spot symbols. Added terminal support for all Bybit symbols: Inverse Perpetual, Inverse Futures, USDT Perpetual, Spot. 

  • Added open interest support for exchange futures. 

  1. Made a number of general terminal improvements: 

  • Made changes to how data is pulled from Binance. Fixed a problem with getting open interest data and set up a subscription for real-time market data. 

  • Updated how profit is shown in the DOM information panel. Values are now rounded the same as for the PnL field in the trading toolbar. 

  • Made a number of changes to the onboarding localization. 

  • Added a rounding algorithm that applies when entering a leverage value. When entering leverage with three or more decimal places, the terminal output the number in a pop-up message. Leverage values are now rounded to the second decimal place. 

  • Added a link to the feedback portal right from the terminal via the Help → Suggest improvement menu. 


Bybit exchange fixes: 

  1. Fixed positions that closed automatically when symbols were moved in and out of Simulator mode. 

  1. Fixed a bug displaying positions incorrectly for untraded symbols. Only traded symbols are now displayed in the Position tab. 

  1. Fixed how price change values were calculated in the Quote window. After connecting to Bybit and adding all symbols in the USDT category, a few symbols had the Change value attribute displaying incorrectly: the value was positive even though the change was negative. 

  1. Fixed a problem with deleting or moving SL/TP to Bybit. It happened when there was an active connection to Bybit and SL/TP turned on at the server level. When moving or deleting SL/TP, the terminal outputted an error: “Order not exist or too late to cancel.” That was fixed. Orders are now moved correctly. 

  1. Fixed the divergent logic for moving TP and SL. When trading on Bybit, TP was moved with the mouse, while SL only moved when the mouse button was released. TP and SL now follow the same movement logic. TP and SL are shown in the exchange if they’re in the same position for 1–2 seconds regardless of whether the movement is complete. 

  1. Fixed incorrect PnL display. When trading on Bybit after an open position, the PnL value in Money mode was displayed incorrectly. 

  1. Fixed the “Error modifying order—not modified” error that happened when SL was set on Bybit. The error occurred when trading on Bybit with the Internal position accounting, Server stop loss, and Server take profit options turned on. After restarting the terminal in open position, trying to set stop loss resulted in the “Error modifying order—not modified” error. But the stop did run correctly. 

  1. Fixed a problem that didn’t let TP or SL disengage after restarting the terminal. The error occurred when trading on Bybit with the Internal position accounting, Server stop loss, and Server take profit options turned on. After restarting the terminal in open position, trying to close TP or SL resulted in an error: “Order not exists or too late to cancel.” 

  1. Incorrect account balances fixed for different accounts. The error occurred when users tried to connect to Bybit USDT Perpetual from two different accounts or two subaccounts belonging to the same Bybit account but with different API keys and activated the internal position accounting option. Once the connection was made, account information was only shown for the first account to connect. 

  1. Information added to the Turnover column. When trading in the Bybit Spot Quotes window and adding Bybit symbols, there was no information in the Turnover column. 


Other fixes: 

  1. Fixed a bug where the PnL value in the TT Positions (XPositions) window was displayed incorrectly after closing the chart. 

  1. Fixed a server TP and SL error that showed up when trading using MetaTrader 5. 

  1. Fixed an extra candle that showed up in Playback mode for the RTSI symbol. 

  1. Fixed an error that appeared when setting TP orders from the Binance Futures web interface and a line with an already opened position. The position was displayed in the terminal as an unknown order type and in the chart with a price of zero. Such positions are now identified as stop orders and shown in the chart at the correct price. 

  1. Fixed a problem with decimal values that occurred when setting whole leverage values. When setting whole-number values for leverage, the exchange returned a value with an extra digit after the period that was transmitted to the terminal. No digits are added after the period when leverage is set as a whole number now. 

  1. Fixed a situation where the terminal didn’t show the active license used to log in for some cases. That blocked access to connections and triggered requests to purchase a full license. The terminal now identifies licenses correctly. 

  1. Fixed an error that logged out of the terminal when the Reset button was clicked in the context menu. The context menu has been removed from all settings. That fixed the problem. 

  1. Fixed a bug where profit for Forex symbols was displayed incorrectly in the TT Positions (XPositions) window. 

  1.  Fixed a bug that kept the position marker from displaying in the DOM after switching to the chart or the DOM for a different symbol in the same window. 

  1.  Fixed a problem leading to an incomplete list of MOEX exchange options. The terminal now transmits all needed options. 

  1.  Fixed a number of localization issues in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish. 

  1.  Fixed an error where a connection window with a size of zero appeared after completely resetting the terminal configuration and logging in with a crypto license. 

  1.  Fixed an error that had a vertical scroll bar disappear when all indicators were added to one area in the Indicator Manager. 

  1.  Fixed an eternal load problem when logging in to the terminal with Autologin turned on. After launching the terminal with Autologin turned on, it was impossible to stop the program launch with the X. The terminal still launched, ignoring all attempts made to close the program. 

  1.  Fixed a problem with launching the terminal when closing the login window or licensing window. After launching the terminal and closing the login window or license selection window, the terminal still opened. The last license received with a successful login was displayed in the profile. 

  1.  Removed the ability to trade merged futures without an expiration date, the quote for which is spliced from historical data for futures contracts. That was done to avoid situations where an order is sent to a merged symbol opened in a contract different from the one the user is expecting. 

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