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 Example of a Stock source

using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Runtime.Serialization;
using TigerTrade.Chart.Indicators.Common;
namespace TigerTrade.Chart.Indicators.Custom.Sources
    [DataContract(Name = "StockSourceDemo",
        Namespace = "")]
    [IndicatorSource("StockDemo", Type = typeof(StockSourceDemo))]
    public sealed class StockSourceDemo : IndicatorSourceBase
        public StockSourceDemo()
            SelectedSeries = "Close";
        public override IEnumerable<string> GetSeriesList()
            return new List<string>
        public override double[] GetSeries(IndicatorsHelper helper)
            switch (SelectedSeries)
                case "Open":
                    return helper.Open;
                case "High":
                    return helper.High;
                case "Low":
                    return helper.Low;
                case "Close":
                    return helper.Close;
                case "Median":
                    return helper.MedianPrice();
                case "Typical":
                    return helper.TypicalPrice();
                case "POC":
                    return helper.Poc;
                case "Trades":
                    return helper.Trades;
                case "Volume":
                    return helper.Volume;
                case "Bid":
                    return helper.Bid;
                case "Ask":
                    return helper.Ask;
                case "Delta":
                    return helper.Delta;
                case "OpenInterest":
                    return helper.OpenPos;
                case "OIChange":
                    return helper.OpenPosChg;
                case "OIAskChange":
                    return helper.OpenPosAskChg;
                case "OIBidChange":
                    return helper.OpenPosBidChg;
            return null;
        public override void CopySettings(IndicatorSourceBase source)
            if (source is StockSourceDemo s)
                SelectedSeries = s.SelectedSeries;
        public override string ToString()
            return !string.IsNullOrEmpty(SelectedSeries) ? SelectedSeries : "None";

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