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Tiger.Trade 6.0.0


Please note — upgrading to Tiger.Trade 6.0.0 requires downloading and installing the latest version of the terminal. Automatic update is not available for this version. 

List of changes:

  1. Automatic updating of the price step and volume step for shares from the Moscow Exchange’s information and statistical server has been added. They will now appear instantly without a need to restart the terminal. 
  2. A pre-installed workstation with a customized chart and a trader module has been added for new users.
  3. The ability to enter fractional values into DOM using a dot has been added.
  4. Updated branding: there’s a new logo in the terminal, and all links in the Help menu now lead to the new website.
  5. In the DOM window menu in the volume selection tab, the display of the value has been changed from an exponential format to a fractional one. For instance, instead of a 1E-05, a correct number 0.00001 will appear. 
  6. The operation of the Quotes/Watchlist module has been adjusted. Instruments in Watchlist are no longer duplicated in search results when attempting to add.
  7. The color indication when linking windows has been improved. The selected color now has extra highlighting, while other colors are darkened.
  8. In the Settings → HotKeys Manager → DOM → Actions menu, an option to change a price scale has been added. Now pointing to a specific DOM area and holding down the assigned hotkey will allow changing the price by scrolling a mouse up or down.
  9. A quick collapsing/expanding of chart subwindows has been added. It activates by double-clicking with the left mouse button in the chart area.
  10. The selected price scale value is now displayed in the area next to the corresponding button.


  1. The error at screen resolutions greater than FullHD when using scaling, which did not allow terminal tabs such as Orders, Trades, Positions, etc. to be opened.
  2. The problem with the search results performance for instruments on cryptocurrency exchanges. The list of trading pairs no longer displays instruments that only consist of the base currency.
  3. Search results performance when selecting an instrument in all terminal widgets has been corrected. When entering an instrument without special characters (_ or /), all available pairs are displayed, including those with the indicated special characters in the name.
  4. Quotes for the MOEX exchange instruments now appear correctly in the DOM window even with the active Transaq Connector.
  5. Changing the Scale Max Value in the DOM settings to over 1 000 000 000 (1 billion) now doesn’t affect the limit orders, while the max value appears correctly.
  6. The error message “This listenKey does not exist” while using the Binance exchange doesn’t appear anymore.
  7. The error in the installer that initiated the removal of the terminal in some cases has been resolved.
  8. The installer now prevents from installing two instances of the terminal on the computer.

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