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The price step multiplier will be particularly useful for cryptocurrency trading when the DOM looks sparse. It allows you to see the DOM in a compressed form with grouped volumes. 

For example:

  • If the price scale is 1, the price step is 0.01 
  • If the price scale is 10, the price step is 0.1

Thus, when zooming in, the prices of the bids will be located closer to each other, with a smaller gap. 

In the Tiger.Trade 6.2 version of the terminal in the DOM settings window the “Price increment multipliers” list appeared for each instrumentBy default, each instrument has a list of 11 values that can be changed. To do so, go to DOM settings → General → DOM. 

Now when you hold down the hot key to change the price scale and scroll with the mouse, instead of changing the scale by 1 (as it worked previously), the transition to the next or previous value of the price multiplier from the list specified in the settings takes place. 

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