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How do I specify the volume of an order?

The volume of an order is indicated in the traded currency or in the quote currency.

How do I force remove a position? For example, there was a failure, and a position was closed on the exchange but not in the terminal.

Go to TT Positions → Clear.

How much historical data is available for an instrument?

Data for an instrument will be loaded from the moment it is listed on a particular exchange.

How do I set leverage?

In the trader module, select the “Leverage” field. Enter the leverage size and confirm by pressing the green checkmark.

How do I link the volume of an order to an instrument?

Set up quotes (add the necessary instruments), then set up the linking of the quotes window with a chart or DOM. After that, set the preset volumes in the trader module settings for each instrument. Do not close the quotes window, this will reset the volume settings.

Is there a hedging feature?

A hedging mode (closing a position with limit orders when another position is opened instead of closing) is not yet available in Tiger.Trade.

If you have another question, please contact support, and we will be happy to help.

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