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Tiger.Trade 6.3

This time, special attention was paid to improving the user experience when working with the terminal.

Changes to authorization: 

  1. Users can now log in to the trading terminal with an email address and a password from Tiger.Trade account. At the same time, the authorization with a license’s credentials is still available. 

  2. New registration forms and the option to restore a password inside the trading terminal were added.

  3. A new license selection form was added for logging in with an email.

  4. It became simpler to fill in new authorization forms as there are now correctness checks and pop-up screen tips. 

  5.  When selecting a server in the authorization window, users can choose Automatically for the system to automatically connect to the available server for your license. If a server is unavailable, the system will connect to the next available. 

  6. New clarification and options form was added for people using a Crypto license with the Binance crypto exchange referral account. 

  7. Login settings were moved from the authorization window to the general platform settings. To access these settings, go to Settings → General settings → Login settings, items Login On Startup and Check For Updates.

  8. In the File menu, new features have been added. Now users can:

  9. Click Log out to exit the terminal.

  10. Click Switch account to log in using a different account.

  11. Click Profile to view information about the license and server, as well as to change an account. 

  1. When logging in with a History player license, an eponymous tab will now appear in the platform’s tab bar. 

  2. Short explanations were added to a group of server errors in the authorization. Now when an error occurs, a user will see a clear explanation of an error in a pop-up window.

What’s new in connections:

  1. New windows were implemented for connections to exchanges and terminals. Users can open them both when first setting up the trading platform and when adding a new connection.

  2. A new Proxy manager module has been developed. To access it, go to File → Connections → Setup, column Proxy manager in the upper right corner of the window. This module allows users to manage all configured proxies in the terminal effortlessly. 

  3. Auto connect is now activated by default for all connections, excluding QUIK and MT5.


  1. Improved the automated data obtainment for the changes in simbol specifications and listing or delisting symbols. Previously, users would restart the platform to obtain updated information. Now information on the platform updates automatically, and there is no need to restart the terminal.

  2. The terminal now supports perpetual futures on MOEX exchange. The symbols are ready to be traded. 

  3. The operation with currency symbols on MOEX exchange is now automated. Now the process of adding and deleting, as well as changing specifications, occurs automatically. 

  4. In the window Settings → Symbols Manager, a new item Exchange has been added. When selecting this item, in the search box users will see all available symbols, which is similar to selecting All. However, the text entered in the field on the right will correspond to the exchange name instead of a symbol’s name. 

  5. In the Settings → General Settings, the item Consider delimiter in instrument names was moved from the Application section to the Other section. 


  1. Behavior for working with leverage on the Bybit exchange. Previously, when setting leverage,  the terminal would show error. Now it works correctly. 

  2. Behavior causing an error when working with server SL/TP orders on the Bybit exchange. Previously, when placing an order, changing its place, or deleting an order, the system would sometimes show the Order does not exist error. Now editing and deletion occurs without errors.

  3. Error causing the deletion of client SL/TP orders after placing server SL/TP orders on the Bybit exchange. Now orders work correctly and independently of each other.

  4. Behavior preventing orders placed on the Bybit exchange website from appearing in the terminal when connecting to Crypto 1 and Crypto 2 servers. Now orders placed  in the web interface of the Bybit exchange are correctly displayed when connecting to any Tiger.Trade servers.

  5. Incorrect display of the value in the Free Margin field for symbols on the Binance exchange. Previously, for some instruments, the field would display a zero value. The field now shows the correct information.

  6. Display of PnL in money for the MOEX exchange symbols. Previously, the PnL field would calculate the incorrect number of stocks in lots. Now the information in the field is displayed correctly. 

  7.  Behavior causing the loss of saved settings in the Watchlist module when restarting the terminal. 

  8. Operation of continuous contracts, such as Ri, Si, and BR, in the Player mode. In the 6.2 version of the terminal, those contracts could not be played. Now the player works correctly. 

  9. In the Player mode, behavior causing the incorrect display of price values on the chart for symbols on the American exchanges Nasdaq and NYSE was fixed.

  10. Error causing the loss of saved settings in case of the incorrect or emergency closure of the terminal. The settings can now be saved.

  11. Display of information in Smart tape window and Delta indicator for the American stocks when connecting through Transaq. Previously, all transactions in the feed were colored red. Now the correct data is displayed.

  12. Behavior causing the panel for editing graphic objects to appear on top of third-party application windows.

  13. Error causing the removal of the Player tab from the tab bar when changing licenses from Full → Crypto → Full. 

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