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Tiger.Trade 6.2

A regular update to the Tiger.Trade platform was prepared for release on April, 6th. This time, the main focus was paid to the automation of the terminal’s operation on the exchanges. In particular, much effort was paid to improving support for ByBit. A great deal of optimization was done to reduce the strain of the terminal on the CPU. The addition of the “Marker” graphical tool, as well the Open Interest indicator for Binance, serve as a nice finishing touch to this update.

Attention! Starting from the next terminal update we will have to seize support for terminal versions 6.1 and below. Each update introduces a lot of improvements and fixes that inevitably involve and affect our server architecture, which means we can not ensure compatibility with the earlier versions of the terminal. We urge you to upgrade to the latest version of Tiger.Trade so you continue enjoying  the full benefits of our wonderful trading terminal. 


General updates:

  1. The following aspects of terminal performance have been optimized:

    1. Terminal loading speed, including the loading speed of quotes upon the chart’s initial launch. 

    2. Binance price data is only fed to the terminal for the instruments in the active windows (as opposed to all instruments), which makes it less taxing on the system. 

    3. New trading orders for Binance are now being sent in without a lag, which was previously the case for the first order made after a time-out.

    4. Price data within the Quotes window now loads even quicker and with less strain on the CPU.

    5. The interface has been made more responsive. All windows now open up quicker. 

  2. The Updates window now has a link to the “Сhangelog”.  


Instruments and exchanges:

  1. Additional automation has been introduced in relation to the instruments of the crypto (Binance, Bybit, Bitmex, Bitfinex, Derebit,  FTX) and stock ((SPBEX, MOEX)exchanges. For now on, any addition of or changes to the instruments and their specifications will be reflected within the terminal automatically. To see the latest changes, please relaunch the terminal.

  2. Interoperability with the ByBit exchange has been significantly improved:

    1. ByBit instruments that have hedging mode enabled for them on the exchange will be available for one-way orders only on the Tiger.Trade platform. That means all  trade parameters on such positions will now be represented accurately and you’ll have precision when managing your orders. Attempted hedging trades will trigger an error message. 

    2. Notification system has been improved in terms of error alerts. Previously, an alert would only contain an error code. Now they’ve become much more informative.

  3. Terminal synchronisation with Binance has been reworked to provide account balance information in real time. Accounts window now contains accurate information about margina and PnL.

  4. Support for https and socks5 proxy was enabled for all crypto-exchanges. Previously, the terminal would only work with proxies that did not require authorization.  


  1. Trading panels will now display the correct trading account in them. You can either have the corresponding account be determined by the terminal automatically or have the last account used be displayed by default. To activate this function, go to General settings → Trading and check the “Account selection in DOM/Chart trader” box. 

  2. You can now hide deleted/expired contracts from the list of instruments available in the Real trading mode.  To enable the  Display expired contracts option go to Settings → General settings → Other.  Expired contracts will be visible by default in the Simulator and History Player modes.

  3. Options will now be displayed on the list of available instruments. To enable the “Display options in the Symbols Manager” go to Settings → General settings → Other.


  1. An Open Interest indicator was added for Binance. It can be applied to Futures and FutCoin instruments.

  2. “Marker”, a new graphical instrument, was added as well. This new tool lets you freehand objects that will appear in the chart’s Object manager. You can find “Marker” in the left-hand panel inside the “Chart” window.

  3. The Chart window now has the option to choose a pre-set lot size. You can do so by clicking on the corresponding button in the overhead window menu. You can add the corresponding button to the toolbar with a click of a right mouse button in the Chart window, selecting “Toolbar setup” and activating the “Choose order size” option. The function works the same way it does within the DOM window. However, please note that lot size selection for the Chart has not yet been synchronised with lot size selection in the DOM. 
  4. General settings → Chart now includes the “Apply Last Lot Settings” parameter. Its logic is analogous to that of the DOM one. When activated, the parameter ensures the terminal remembers the chosen lot amount for the instrument in the Chart window. Whenever you open a chart for that instrument, the lot amount will be pre-set to the value previously used.
  5. Magnet mode has been reworked to have 2 variations:
    – Strong magnet: attracts graphic objects to chart bars regardless of the space between those two points on the chart.
    – Weak magnet: attracts graphic objects to chart bars when they are drawn close to each-other. 


  1. DOM settings now contain lists of price scale multipliers for each instrument. Long-pressing a designated hotkey or scrolling with a mouse wheel will now cause the multiplier to skip to the next predetermined value from the list. Each instrument has 11 multipliers set by default. You can edit those values by going to DOM settings → “Price Scale Multipliers”. 

  2. Improvements were made to the logic of selecting a lot in the quoted currency. Previously, the terminal would not maintain the “enter lot amount in USDT” parameter. Now, any time you open the lot selection menu this box is checked by default.

  3. The DOM window now has the option to hide the columns with open orders. To do so, go to DOM settings and change the value of the “Orders Panel Width” to 0.


  1. Hotkey manager now includes a “Open symbol selection menu” function. It allows you to set a hotkey that would trigger an instrument ticker input field to appear within the active chart window. 
  2. Another function added to the Hotkeys manager is “Use already opened position size” pre-set for the Alt key. предназначенной клавишей Alt.

Sound alerts:

  1. The “Object Manager” now has the “Play sounds” option that lets you hear the sound you choose for an alert on graphical objects that have this functionality.

  2. Sound alerts have also been tweaked to make the sound that was last set for a signal level a default for all the new ones established by a hotkey.


Bug fixes:

  1. A bug that prevented price data for MOEX assets from Transaq from refreshing upon terminal relaunch was fixed.
  2. A critical bug associated with changing a font was eliminated.

  3. Connection to  ByBit and FTX on Windows 7 OS was restored.

  4. “Volume profile” indicator bug, that would crash the system if applied to an extended period, was fixed.

  5. Switching between terminal windows using Alt+Tab no longer causes both windows to be visible on the screen.

  6. Notifications for МetaTrader 5 have been corrected. Changes to the SL/TP levels no longer come with an Error alert.

  7. Switching from a 2 monitor setup to a 1 monitor setup no longer causes a glitch to how the terminal appears on the screen. 

  8.  Forex instruments available from Just2Trade can now be safely and conveniently integrated into MetaTrader 5.

  9. The Buy price for ByBit instruments is now displayed accurately in the Orders window.

  10. Stop Loss and Take Profit orders on the  ByBit exchange are now being executed correctly. 

  11. Multiple Smart tape errors were fixed. Previously,  a large number of trades would cause the tape to be cut-off. Now all of the data is on display.

  12. Automatic reconnection to ByBit has been restored.

  13. Changes to SL/TP levels applied to open positions on the ByBit exchange are now fully synched to the terminal.

  14. An error preventing Ask and Bid prices of Forex instruments from  МetaТrader5 being loaded into DOM was fixed.

  15. Terminal installer error was fixed. 

  16.  A bug preventing  correct operation of the DOM for certain Binance instruments was fixed. In particular, the Smart tape no longer cuts off for BTTC/USDT orders when the mouse is pointed at it or the DOM is being scrolled using the wheel.

  17. A bug affecting Bitmex exchange assets in the Watchlist window was fixed. Previously, if you were to load the full list of assets the terminal would disconnect from the exchange.

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