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Tiger.Trade 6.0.1


List of changes:
  1. In the Chart trading panel and Depth of Market the separator entry has been improved. Separation can now be done with either a period or a comma.
  2. All FTX futures have been added.
  1. Search results performance when selecting an instrument with a hyphen in its name has been corrected.
  2. The behavior causing the Depth of Market trader module to open every time the terminal is opened has been fixed
  3. The situation in the Depth of Market restricting the display of large numbers for the SHIBA INU cryptocurrency has been corrected.
  4. When trading from a chart is activated, hiding/revealing sub-windows in the Charts window  is disabled in order to avoid duplication of functionality.
  5. Duplicate functionality that appeared when double-clicking the left mouse button on the price scale on the chart. Now, when you double click on this area, the chart sub-windows do not hide or open.
  6. Error connecting a sub-account on the FTX exchange.

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