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Volume Search

The Search volume window presents information on clusters in table form. The table contains information on both the total volume value for the entire bar and the cell with the maximum volume. Volume search is an indispensable instrument for adjusting filters.
To create a new window, select Open → Volume search in the main menu.

The window contains:

  • Selecting symbol
  • Selecting a period
  • Defines a set of columns in a table
  • Time range for filtering data within a day
  • Limiting the maximum and minimum bar size
  • Merging adjacent cells into one cell
  • Applying settings and updating data in tables
  • Displaying values for the selected instrument
  • Table with the average values of the columns of the main table




Bar time.

Bar Size

Bar size (is set in price steps).


Price at which the maximum volume in the bar has passed.

Max Volume

Maximum trade volume within a bar.

Total Volume

General bar volume

Max Trades

Maximum number of trades within a bar.

Total Trades

Total number of trades in a bar.

Max Bid

Maximum trade volume within a bar.

Total Bids

Total volume for sale in a bar.

Max Ask

Maximum volume of buys within a bar.

Total Asks

Total volume for sale in a bar.

Max Delta

Maximum delta inside a bar.

Min Delta

Minimum delta inside a bar.

Total Delta

General bar delta

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