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I can’t set up a connection



How do I enter a proxy?

It must be entered in the format ip:port or ip:port:login:password. 

HTTP and SOCKS5 are the proxy types supported in the terminal. Tiger.Trade wraps all traffic (HTTP/HTTPS and WSS (WebSocket)) in a proxy, so you can use a proxy that supports WebSocket in the terminal. 

How do I find out the connection status and its ping to the server?

You can find this information in the Log window.

Can I connect to FXCM to receive Forex quotes?

Yes. To do so, go to the File → Connections section, click “+”, and select DataFeed from the list. Specify the FOREX server and check the box for FXCM.

How can I connect to the ICE exchange?

To do so, you need to open an account with an AMP broker and pay $120 for quotes with ICE. The connection can be configured via MT5.

What should I do if I can’t connect to Binance?

If you have completed all the steps in the instructions but still cannot connect, ensure that:

  • You are entering correct and valid API keys.

  • You are selecting the account that you plan to use (for example, if you plan to use both spot and futures, then you must have 2 connections).

  • Checkmarks are placed next to Market Data.

When connecting to Binance, there are 2 crypto servers in the terminal. Can I connect to any for free?

Yes, you can choose any of them.

What should I do if I can’t connect to QUIK?

If you have completed all the steps in the instructions but still cannot connect, then update QUIK and run the Lua script.

Can I connect to different brokers through multiple QUIK terminals and trade from multiple accounts at the same time? Will they conflict?

Yes, you can. Only Market Data must be left on one account.

What should I do if the chart does not move in QUIK?

  • Add the Lua script and run it in the QUIK terminal.

  • If that doesn’t help, reconfigure the table of general trades.

Can I configure multiple accounts for QUIK?

Yes, you can. To do so, you need to create a connection for each account and select the path to the QUIK terminal in the connection settings. The checkmark for Market Data should only be placed for one connection; otherwise, the data will be duplicated.

Can I connect a sub-account to FTX?

This is currently not possible.

If you haven’t found an answer to your question, please contact support.

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