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Why set up a commission in the terminal

To simulate real trading in the Simulator mode and to understand the amount of profit or loss taking into account the broker or exchange commission, you need to set the required amount of the commission. To do so, the terminal provides the ability to set this commission up.

In the Live account, the commission charged in the terminal does not affect anything, since it is set and is regulated only by the broker or the exchange.



Does Tiger.Trade charge any commissions for trades?

No, it does not. All commissions are formed, calculated, and charged off on the side of the exchange or broker. You can also view their amount and charge-off conditions on the website of the exchange or broker.

How do I set up commission?

You can do this in two ways:

  • Go to Settings → Instruments → Favorite, add the required instruments, and then select a specific instrument and set a commission for it.

  • In the Statistics window, double-click on the trade in the list with the left mouse button and set the amount of the commission in the new window.

Where can I see the commissions for trades calculated for the Simulator mode?

In the Statistics window.

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