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1. Register your account on Bybit (if not yet) and login.

2. Enable Google Authentication. Go to API Management and press Create New Key.

You can trade on the Bybit spot exchange in the following ways:

  • Using an API key that was created separately and that permits spot market trading in its settings.
  • Using an API key that you already have and use to trade on the Bybit futures market. To do so, as well as the existing permission to trade futures, you will also need to grant permission for trading on spot markets in the API key settings.

3. Fill in the fields as shown in the screenshot below, enter the Google Authenticator code and click the Confirm button.

4. Save your API keys elsewhere. 

5. Start Tiger.Trade choose File in main menu - Connections - Setup.

6. In the opened window click “+” Create new connection and select Bybit in dropdown list.

Please note that in order to be able to trade futures and on spot markets using the same API key, you will need to create two separate connections to Bybit: one for spot markets, and another for trading futures. 

7. To see real-time data for symbols with the postfix “T” (BTCUSDT), select the USDT Live server. Select the Live server for symbols without postfix (BTCUSD). If you change the server in the connection settings, you must disconnect and reconnect; otherwise, the changes in the settings will not be applied. 

To see data on Spot market instruments, select the Spot live server.

If you want to work with both USDT Perpetual (USDT Live) and Inverse Derivatives (Live) at the same time, you must create two different connections with different API keys. Select the USDT Live or USDT Test server in the window that opens and enter the API keys received. 

If your ISP blocks access to the Bybit website, enter the proxy server address in the format ip:port. 

8. Check the box “Internal positions” and restart the terminal. Trades will not be recorded in the Statistics window without this, i.e., there will be no internal accounting of positions in the terminal

9. Click OK.

You have successfully setup connection to ByBit. To connect Tiger.Trade to ByBit use File - Connections - ByBit.

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