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Tiger.Trade 6.1

List of changes:

  1. The DOM window has been massively improved. There’s now an option for cryptocurrency instruments to size the lot in the currency of its valuation. For example, for the BTC/USDT instrument, you can select the lot not only in BTC but in USDT as well.

  2. The DOM window now contains a Ruler function that indicates the difference in price between the instrument’s current price and the best one. The calculation can be performed either in percentages or points. You can enable this function in the “DOM Settings” menu.

  3. Now you can also quickly change the width of the DOM cluster. Simply hover the mouse pointer over the cluster and scroll with the wheel to change the width. The minimum width change step is set at 1.

  4. The menu General settings → DOM now has the “Apply last settings” parameter enabled by default. That way, the settings applied to the DOM will be saved for that particular instrument and not the window the instrument was viewed through.

  5. Each instrument within the DOM window will now have 5 lot presets, starting with the smallest available size. Previously all lot sizes would start with 1, regardless of the instrument.

  6. The BW MFI indicator has undergone some alterations. It’s now possible to select either tick or real volumes to execute calculations by.

  7. The MOEX-traded stocks have been synchronized with the terminal. The addition and removal of stocks and changes to their specifications are now being done automatically.

  8. The Watchlist window now has a grouping option. The instruments can be flagged, grouped, and sorted. 

  9. The lag in the Watchlist window whenever new instruments were being added and scrolled through has now been eliminated.

  10. The logic of processing the search bar input has been changed. From now on, the search engine prioritizes the first letter you enter. For example, if you enter F, the resulting list will only contain the instruments starting with the letter F, not containing it. 

  11. The Instruments widget got the option to hide the instruments from the exchanges that have not been connected to the terminal. To set the visibility parameters, go to Settings → General settings → Other and enable the “Hide the symbols that are not connected” option. 

  12. The Instruments widget also got a bunch of new columns:  “Lot Step,” “Min Lot,” “Min Nominal,” and “Lot Size.”

  13. The Connections table also received a new column — “Market type.” You can now tell at a glance which market type (spot/futures/margin, etc.) the connection belongs to.

  14. Terminal header menu color can now be customized.  You can do so by going to Settings → General settings → Application, the parameters are “Terminal header menu color” and “Terminal header menu text”

  15.  Signal levels can now be added to the chart instantly. The hotkey for that is “L”. You can change this default key by going to Settings → Hot keys → Chart → Drawing, the “Add signal level” parameter. 

  16.  The search bar text processing has been improved. In cases when you forget to switch to the EN keyboard layout, the text you’ve entered will be displayed in latin characters, based on the keys you’ve pressed. For example, if you enter “иесгыве” in Russian, you’ll see it replaced with “btcusdt”. You can enable this feature in the General settings → Other → Ignore keyboard layout in symbol search.

  17. The instrument search bar now also has an option of either considering or ignoring the delimiter in instrument names. To activate this feature, go to General settings → Consider delimiter in instrument names.  

  18. The logic of the manual’s appearance during connection setup has been changed. Previously, each new connection would trigger a pop-up suggesting the manual. Now the manual is simply available via a link in the setup window.

  19. Terminal windows properties have been changed. Previously, if you changed the size of the window and then closed it, all new windows would open up in default size. Now all changes to the dimensions of terminal windows are remembered. A new window will appear with the same dimensions as the one that was closed.

  20. All futures contracts available on the Moscow Exchange were added.

  21. All futures contracts available on the FTX exchange were added. 

  22. All instruments available on the Bitmex exchange were added.

  23.  The Terminal menu now contains a link to the Tiger.Trade Telegram bot for technical support. To seek technical support over Telegram, please go to Help → Support in Telegram.


  1. A number of Bybit connection errors have been eliminated.

  2. A repeat connection to DataFeed error has been resolved. The connection now functions correctly. 

  3. Stop Loss and Take Profit orders associated with MetaTrader 5 are now executed correctly. SL|TP is triggered for all positions within the terminal for all types of instruments, including stocks, futures, and Forex.

  4. An error has been eliminated in Player mode, where a protective strategy would be triggered only on the second attempt.

  5. Chart Trader operation has been corrected. Now, whenever you close the terminal, the open/closed view is maintained.

  6. Email notification workflow has been improved. The terminal now sends out a relevant email whenever a signal occurs without fail.

  7. We’ve corrected the behavior that prevented trades and orders executed on one license from being viewed under another (despite the same API keys being used). Now all trades and orders are displayed correctly, regardless of the license that’s currently being used.

  8. An error that created a connection prior to the setup being completed was eliminated. Now a connection is only established once the “OK” button has been pressed.  

  9. The Bartimer indicator’s operation within the Player has been corrected. Previously, pressing pause would cause the indicator to stop. The indicator now works as designed.

  10. Fractional numbers in DOM → Trade settings are now being displayed correctly.  Previously only whole numbers would read properly, and now all types of fractions work. 

  11.  A bug that affected the font size whenever the color scheme would change has been fixed. A change to the color scheme no longer affects font settings.

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