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Tiger.Trade 6.0.2


 New features:

  1. Changing columns in the Watchlist became more convenient. The dropdown menu is not disappearing after each action anymore, so it’s possible to activate or deactivate several columns at once.
  2. We updated the script for QUIK 9 terminals.
  3. A new hotkey to hide trades on the Chart is now available. To change the default T key, proceed to Settings → HotKeys Manager → Chart → Actions → Hide deals from chart.
  4. Size Filters in DOM now correctly process any numerical values (up and above 1 billion).
  5. Updated documentation on connecting to GAIN Capital, DataFeed, and FTX cryptocurrency exchange is now available.
  6. Changing a price scale in DOM became faster. It’s not required to verify the input by pressing Confirm button anymore.
  7. There’s now an option to hide instruments from cryptocurrency exchanges that aren’t connected in the terminal. This feature Hide crypto symbols that are not connected is in Settings → General Settings → Other.


  1. An error with entering orders which occurred during an active connection to MetaTrader 5 is resolved.
  2. Closing orders on the graph by clicking ‘X’ now works correctly (with a live connection to MetaTrader 5).
  3. We restored trading FOREX instruments while MetaTrader 5 connection is active.

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