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In the Statistics window, all trades that have been made through the Tiger.Trade terminal are displayed.
To create a new window, select OpenStatistics in the main menu.
Statistics are presented in the form of a table of trades, a graphical visualization of trades from the table, and a general report on trades.

The window contains:

  • Filter of trades by account
  • Filter of trades by ticker
  • Filter of trades by date range
  • Filter of trades by time
  • Switch between graph and report
  • Profit, net income and commission chart
  • Trade log


Filters allow the transaction log to be sorted based on the criteria you are interested in. Filters also affect the yield chart and report.

The following filters are available to you and are located in the upper part of the window:




Allows specific accounts to be selected for display, or for display of all accounts at once.


Allows you to select specific instruments to display, or to display all instruments right away.


Has 2 fields - Start date and End date. Used to select the interval for displaying trades.


Has 2 fields. Used to select the time interval for displaying trades.


The yield chart displays graphical data for all trades from the table.

There are three colored lines representing the columns of the table: Profit,  Net Profit, Commission. The money scale is displayed on the right. When hovering the mouse cursor over any point on the chart, a window with data from the table appears: Points, Profit, Net Profit, Commission.


The report allows you to see a summary table for all trades. Presented in the form of a table.




All trades.


Up trades.


Short trades.

The report has the following lines:



Total Trades

Number of trades for the indicated period.

Total PnL

Profit or loss on trades.

Average PnL 

Average result for trades.

Max Drawdown

Maximum drawdown indicator 

Max Rela Drawdown

Indicator of the maximum drawdown in relation to the maximum balance.

Recovery Factor

Ratio of absolute profit and maximum drawdown.

Profit Factor

Ratio of the total plus from profitable trades and total minus from unprofitable ones.

Profitable Trades

Number of trades resulting in profit.

Profitable PnL 

Overall result on all profitable trades.

Average Profit

Average result for profitable trades.

Losing Trades

Number of trades resulting in a loss.

Losing PnL 

Overall result on all losing trades.

Average Loss

Average result for losing trades.


Total amount of commission for the period.

Trade log.

The trade log is presented in the form of a table positioned in the lower part of the window. To configure the columns, right-click on their names and check or uncheck the boxes.




Trading account on which a trade was made.


Trade instrument

Open Time

Date and time of trade open.

Close Time

Date and time of trade close.

Open Price

Price at which a trade was opened.

Close Price

Price at which a trade was closed.




Maximum number of contracts/lots in a position.


Gross profit from transactions in points.

Points / Qty

Points per one contract / lot (Points are divided by Max. Volume).

Gross PnL

Gross profit from transactions in points.

Gross PnL / Qty 

Profit per one contract / lot in money (Profit is divided by Max. Volume).

Net PnL 

Total profit from a trade in money with deducted commission.

Net PnL / Qty 

Net profit per one contract / lot in money (Net Profit is divided by Max. Volume)


Commission for trade

To clear or export data from the trade log, right-click on any row in the table and select one of the three commands:

  • Delete – deletes the information about the trade in the selected line.

  • Delete all – completely clears the table of all trades. If filters are active, then only the data that passes through them will be cleared.

  • Export - exports data from a table in CSV format, for example, for viewing and maintaining statistics in Excel.

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