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Scaling and moving the chart

The chart in the window can be zoomed in and out in various ways.

The first method is to zoom in on the chart by selecting a section of it. Left-clicking once on the Zoom In button will activate selection scaling mode. Next, by holding down the left mouse button, select the section of the chart you need, and then release the button. To zoom out, press the Zoom Out button. This will return the chart to its previous scale.

Second method — change the scale manually. To do this, move the mouse cursor over the scale and hold down the left mouse button. Move the mouse up to zoom in and down to zoom out. 

Third method involves using the keyboard and mouse together: In the Basic Settings menu, you can set the key bindings for scaling and moving the chart. The default values are as follows:

  • Using the mouse wheel, you can move right or left on the chart.

  • Hold down Shift and scroll the mouse wheel to zoom out or zoom in on the chart vertically.

  • Hold down Ctrl and scroll the wheel to zoom out or zoom in on the chart horizontally.

To make the chart fit to the height of the chart area, set automatic scaling. To do this, double-click the left mouse button on the price scale.

In the Tiger.Trade terminal, you can save the scale for the regular chart (for example, the candlestick chart) and the cluster chart separately. When adjusting the scale of one chart, the changes will not affect the other.


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