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Getting Started with Tiger.Trade

Tiger.Trade is a trading, training and analytics platform that has all the tools one might need for successful day-trading.  

To begin working with the platform:

1. Download and install Tiger.Trade. After installation, a shortcut will be created on your desktop to launch the terminal.

2. Launch Tiger.Trade. Create an account or log in with your site credentials if you have them. You can enter the username and password from the Licenses page of your personal account on the website or from the Personal Account itself.

3. Indicate the server that you want to connect to. When a connection to the main terminal server cannot be made, you can connect to the backup one to download the history for the playback and charts. 

Please note that the choice of a server for logging into Tiger.Trade depends on the license type:

License typeServer
Main 1
Main 2
Crypto LicenseCrypto 1
Crypto 2

For example, if you specify the “Main 1” server, but you only have a crypto license, then you will not be able to log in.

Specify “Automatically” in the server selection field in order not to store which servers are suitable for which licenses. It will then connect to an available server based on your license: if one of the servers is unavailable, the terminal will automatically connect to the next available one.

4. To begin seeing charts in the terminal and make trades, select an exchange and set up a connection to it. Detailed instructions on setting up connections to exchanges are available via the links in the table below.












MetaTrader 5


GAIN Capital (OEC)

Interactive Brokers


To complete the connection, go to the terminal in File → Connections → Configure.

5. Now set up your workspace. To open a new chart, select Open → Chart in the main menu. To open a new DOM, select Open → DOM in the main menu. Trader modules are available both in the Chart window and in the DOM window. For more information, see the Windows section.

You can view your licenses in your personal account on the website, for this you need to log in to your account. You will immediately receive a free perpetual cryptocurrency trading license and a 14-day free trial license to trade on the stock and futures markets.

To continue trading stocks and futures after 14 days, you will need to purchase a paid license.

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