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Email Settings

The TigerTrade terminal has a notification system that enables you to receive email alerts whenever the conditions you’ve preset are met.   

To configure the settings for sending e-mail messages, go to Settings → Email Settings in the main menu.

Then, in the window that opens, enter:

  • From whom the email will be sent (email address)

  • To whom the email will be sent (the email address can correspond with the address of “from”)

  • Server — the email server of the “from” email address (For example: or )

  • Username of the “from” email address

  • Password of the application, created in the Google account settings, Yandex ID, and Mail ID (for more information about application passwords, see below). 

In order for notifications to be sent to an email address, you must enable the  Allow sending option.  Otherwise, even with configured parameters, notifications will not be sent to an email address.

Application Passwords

For Gmail, the password for the Google application is specified, which is generated from the link. Your account must have two-factor authentication enabled. 

For Yandex.Mail, the password is created on the Account Management page in the Passwords and Authorization section. Select Enable application passwords, confirm, and click Create new password

After that, in Yandex.Mail  go to All settings → Email clients and in Allow Access to the Mailbox Using Mail Clients, check the box next to “With server via IMAP protocol.”

For, specify the password created in Mail ID settings in Security → Passwords for external applications.

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